Saturday, February 26, 2011

Screamfeeder At The Tote

Okay, even if you're not familiar with the gig scene in Oz, you must know that gigs are usually held at tiny venues at certain hotels with standing room only. These hotels are not your 4 or 5-stars outfits. They're quite like backpacker joints and are mostly known for being iconic indie gig venues than accommodation for the accidental tourist.

I was thrilled that Screamfeeder played at The Tote Hotel. It meant that I could visit this famous gig venue! The almost 30-year old Tote was shut down because of an increase in liquor licensing rates and whatever other controls the government imposed. MANY many people were upset, and unlike other placid citizenry, these people did not stand by and do nothing. They staged a peaceful protest to register a point. The protests blew up a huge storm in Collingwood which resulted in the re-opening of the Tote. YAYYY! True to its character, there was nary any sort of renovation done to it, and it's still as stuffy, crummy and full of flavor.

Along with 2 other opening bands, Screamfeeder travelled down to Tote to play the night. It was a good night out. Classic rock. Melodious indie rock. There were no fancy pedals or sleek gadgets. Screamfeeder played a stripped-down set which didn't compromise on the sound. The man grew up on an assortment of Screamfeeder's songs. He loves that they're melodic yet aggressive, packing in clever lyrics and depth to the music. I only learnt of them recently and quite like their simple and basic commitment to the music. Well, I bought a tee lor. Heh.

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