Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pub Grub

Dinner at the suburbs of Fitzroy was true-blue pub grub. We went into the pub of Rochester Castle Hotel. It isn't a fancy place. It's not your fashionable chic joint. It's plain, honest and simple.

I was pleased with my super oily and unhealthy dinner of fish (hake) and chips with fat yak beer batter. I asked just to be sure they didn't spell flake wrongly with a 'h' and without the 'l'. How terrible does that sound? Heh. It was absolutely satisfying and I really missed chilli sauce and sambal. Grrrrr.

We earlier parked and walked halfway to a traffic light where the friends were waiting along the streets. Good timing we had. We probably screamed the shops down when we spotted the friends and ran gave hugs all around. We didn't bother catching any disapproving eye.

The friends are in Melbourne for the weekend and we were glad to know that the floods didn't affect them too badly at home in Brisbane. The man's known them for years. I only met them when they hopped in and out of Singapore, and when we managed to hook up in London. We haven't seen them for a bit. It was a hoot catching up.

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