Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tim Rogers' Saligia At The SpeigelTent

We caught Tim Rogers (of You and I, and The Temperance Union) in his cheeky presentation of a cabaret-styled show of Saligia. Based on the Seven Deadly Sins, Saligia reflects Tim Rogers' personal and tongue-in-cheek thoughts about them. There's conversation and there're the songs. As Tim took us through the sins and told little dark stories about it, the lyrics which followed in the songs are hilarious.

Backed up by a wonderful 6-piece band which included a violin, cello and double-bass, the show delivered a wicked irreverent sort of fun. Melanie Robinson who also co-wrote the songs, was mesmerizing on the cello, with a song of her own. The harmonies she did with Tim Rogers' falsetto were almost discordant, but stirring.

The show had no theatrics or flamboyance. The lyrics, songs and wit were the winners for the night. Rushing in for the 6.30pm performance, it was a pleasant way to chill out for the earlier part of the evening. It's not so bad being back in the city. It's quite vibrant and enchanting this way.

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