Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swervedriver At The Corner

The man was all excited about catching Swervedriver who took a hiatus in 1999 and re-formed in 2008. He grabbed the tickets first thing he learnt of that gig in Melbourne. So while I peered hard at the map in a hard copy, he programmed the GPS to take us to the iconic gig venue at Corner Hotel.

I've learnt not to be suspicious of gig venues overseas. If anything, the security is good. Nobody wants trouble and so long it's not a full scale music fest or a punk rock act (think Rage Against The Machine during Big Day Out 2008), no one's going to step on my toes or poke my ribs.

We somehow managed to catch the opening bands- one of which was good, and the other was shite before the headliners came on. We chugged bottles and bottles of cold beer. Then it grew really hot and suffocating. The venue was packed out. Ugh. I don't understand why gig venues are always stuffy. Just before the encore, we inched towards the exit for better air.

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