Tuesday, March 01, 2011

65 Degrees Cafe

It's ridiculous how much coffee I've drunk in Melbourne. Too much to be good for the health. It's worse than alcohol! But gimme coffee than wine anytime. I'm rather fond of Guava Bean Espresso Bar just because it's cute and needless to say, they make a good flat white in some of its outlets. It's all dependent on the baristas.

Food is necessary in the mornings, but we've never seen a reason to have hotel breakfasts unless we're out in the boondocks. In the city, 65 Degrees Cafe is a good place to order a hearty breakfast. They use the beans from their Gridlock Coffee which resulted in a slightly smoky brew of flat white consistently so over the three times I've had that. I like this sort of flat white quite a bit.

The bustling vibe of the cafe in the mornings is great. And they carry the brand of juice that I favor! Yay. Someone in the kitchen could cook, so the food that comes out is totally edible. They make the real hash browns, which are good, but disappointed me just a little. I want the horrible eeeky frozen sort that when deep fried with good oil, taste unhealthily wholesome. The only thing, I really miss chilli sauce! Or sambal something. I don't want tabasco. It isn't the same!

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