Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Brother Baba Budan (BBB)

Since everyone and the coffee app told me to check out BBB or Brother Baba Budan for good coffee in Melbourne, I dutifully did so. The Central Business District is only this big. Nothing is difficult to find here. And a morning coffee on a weekday is the easiest. The shop simply appeared in front of me while the man was busy looking at the map on his phone.

BBB is simply a venue for coffee and croissants, pretty much like Monmouth Coffee. It's not a place for a full brunch or lunch. It works fine for me. I don't need anything more than a piece of bread to fill my stomach. The man would need more than bread though. He would need the full breakfast.

I tried the flat white thrice on separate occasions done by different baristas. In comparison, I prefer the robust beans at Giant Steps & Innocent Bystander. BBB's flat white is good. Fragrant and delicate. The man likes this. But for me, it's decent, but not mindblowing simply because it added a wee bit more milk than my preference. It must be a standard volume instructed. Very odd. I was more interested in BBB's parent shop Seven Seeds at Berkeley Street. The friends said that the sit-down cafe serves up better brews.


Anonymous said...

coffee app? pray tell, share name of app. :)

ame said...

i also want to know what is the coffee app!

imp said...

oh dear. i dunno the name of the app. it's just on the apple store i suppose. it's the Melbourne Coffee Review free app. 3 beans mean MUST TRY!