Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Seven Seeds

Sunday breakfast was fixed at Seven Seeds. We've done alot of flat whites to-go, and now finally I get to sit down properly for the full experience of the airy barn-like venue. It's a breezy cheerful cafe with lots natural light streaming in. Importantly, it's open 7 days a week, and looks good for an early bite. It was crowded. We walked in not a minute too early and got the last 2 seats for the hour. Everyone who was in the city for the weekend seemed to be here.

It's one of our last few breakfasts in the city, signaling that the vacation is ending. So I've saved this post till today because I'm calling Seven Seeds my favorite cafe in the city. I wish time doesn't go by so fast. It's now March. How ridiculous is that! February went off in a puff of mist! I feel cheated that there're only 28 days in February. NOT FAIR. I want the extra 2 days to make it to the 30th! *huge sigh

I was also determined to test the theory of baristas versus use of beans and the different type of roasts. You know what? Seven Seeds is way superior to BBB when it comes to the flat white. It can be the same roast, but the brew at the former is stronger and heartier. It's a hard fight between the flat white at Seven Seeds and Giant Steps! I ordered 2 pieces of toast with preserves because I only wanted to check out the flat white using different roasts. Heh. We each had 3 cups of coffee!

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