Thursday, July 28, 2011

Caroline & Lymbyc Systym

My days are packed, and so are my nights. I've never seen my social calendar so active. It has suddenly come alive and is taking on an identity of its own. All those years at work, I gave priority to work commitments, and the social calendar took a backseat. Time was allocated to only the intimates and faeriefolk. Recently, I've got alot more time to shift around, and it's been really awesome. There're just so many things I could do or choose to take an interest in.

It's absolutely brilliant that KittyWu Records brought in Lymbyc Systym and Caroline for an evening at Home Club. The bunch of them also had great fun discovering the flavors and foods of Singapore, as well as exploring the rather great range of Indian cuisine and vegan options we have here. We need more of these indie bands to come through Singpaore rather than simply hosting the moolah-making machinery done by the other labels. Ticket prices are relative to the venue (S$500 for a ticket at Indoor Stadium...seriously?), but in that, we need production people to have integrity to make art, for art's sake. :( We shouldn't just be the suckers to pay and pay. The perennial chicken and egg question of 'eating air'. Ah well.

We saw Caroline way back in 2007. She's got a new album out now. Still sweet, if not a tad boring. :P I kinda like my music with some kind of edge and a little bit more layered. It was a nice set. Predictable, earnest and serious.

Lymbyc Systym, as the main act, provided the contrast in the music for the night with their instrumental rock and electronic sounds. Just 2 brothers, their sounds filled the room and left no empty spaces. They use samples, but they don't over-do it. Technology is exactly what it is. The humans control it. There isn't a sacrifice or compromise on the portion of song-writing. Happy sounds, I call it. Pop-ish at times, angry at some points and complex mostly, all good for head-bobbing.

It's Home Club. Limited options for the drinks. So it's either drink sparkling water, or an easy Nikka. I eyed that bottle of Nikka and decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. The friends were pretty happy alternating between beer and whisky. Not I. Beer and whisky don't match my head and stomach. So I took only one glass on the rocks, then stuck to water. All in all, this is what I call a good night out.


Cavalock said...

I actually said yes to errol's invite to this, part of my new experiences thingy, but couldn't make it cos i had to work late

imp said...

cavalock: awwww. you were working so late?! the bands started at 9.30 and Lymbyc Systym only came on a 10.50.