Sunday, August 14, 2011

Acoustic Folk Rock: Seyra, And Noughts And Exes

Nothing better to spend Saturday night in the company of friends, live music and good beer. We had wanted to have a light dinner at The Pigeonhole, but they were completely packed out, so we took a stroll around Duxton and ended up at Etna for a quick bite before heading back. By then, the cafe had done so well on their beer that only Schneider-Weisse and Duchy Originals were left. No more Hobgoblin or Honey Bee. Very crowded night. Ah well. Any beer would do fine, really. Heh.

Save for a couple of videos on youtube, I haven't heard singer-songwriter Seyra at any gigs, so tonight was a lovely opportunity to catch her live and hear some of those tunes in the intimacy of The Pigeonhole. I really liked what I heard tonight. Made up of multi-instrumentalists, her band provided layers and textures to her thoughtful melodies. Catch her also at Baybeats next Saturday on 20th August (7.45pm at Chillout stage, Concourse).

We were also there to welcome Noughts And Exes back to town. Good to see them again, with better venues lined up for their gigs this week compared to the crappy systems provided at Clarke Quay the last round. A pity that the pixie-fairy-ethereal-jazzy vocals of Kerri-Anne won't be heard anymore (except on the cd) as she's leaving Hong Kong, and in turn, the band. I could really tell the difference without her distinctive voice. :( I miss her tinkle. Still, the band's doing tight and going strong. They've narrowed down 2 new ladies to take the place of Kerri-Anne. Something new. Quite a pleasure to listen to, always.

I really think Noughts and Exes is a good band. Folk rock is easy listening, multi-layered and palatable to most audiences. No reason why their star won't rise and rise. We'd love that! It's awesome that they're playing again at Home Club this Thursday 18th, with opening band Shelves. Then they'll take the bigger stage at Baybeats (8pm at Arena, Outdoor Theatre) this Friday the 19th.

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