Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frottage III: Sean, Linda & Julien

Spent a mellow evening at The Pigeonhole to the sounds of artists for Frottage III. The blog does a great introduction to the artists so that I don't have to write more. Heh. In order of performance slots, there's Sean Lam of Concave Scream on his solo project Hanging Up The Moon, then Linda Ong of Lunarin and finally Julien Banchilhon of One Lick Less.

The friends somehow were at Shanghai's Yuyintang (育音堂) last year and caught Julien's Pedalsteel sounds where the slide was the focus in the sounds created. Droning, but interesting. We heard it on myspace and were rather curious, so it was good to see Julien in action. We haven't caught Sean or Linda in a stripped down acoustic set. Yeah, I know, so many opportunities and we've not seized them. Tonight we did.

The man had definitely seen a guitar-playing Linda, but not me! In spite of proclaiming that she couldn't play it because the bass is her usual, it sounded alright to me. It was pleasant to finally to be able hear the words she sang after being drowned out by the instruments in the usual gigs. Sean's easy folk on acoustic probably had a calming effect on the emotions as they raged while watching the national day rally on the iPad. As a result, I probably didn't tweet as many swear words as I would have in reaction to certain lines uttered and concepts put forth by the speaker.

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