Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Quite In The Air

We've had the usual complaint letters, tweets and then songs written about how nasty airlines can be. It's only a matter of time before books are written about it. Humor is awesome. Over lunch, I had a grand time reading, 'Dear American Airlines' by Jonathan Miles. But it isn't just about complaints. It's introspective.

The story weaves into the life of protagonist Benjamin R Ford and in the time stuck at the airport due to his cancelled flight to attend his daughter's wedding to another woman, he writes a letter of complaint, but this time-out has ironically given him the chance to review his life, at the same time, speak of, observe and touch on the lives of some fellow stranded passengers. (Read New York Times' review on this book.)

"Naturally I'm aware that ten zillion cranks per annum make such demands upon you. I suppose you little piglets are accustomed to being huffed upon and puffed upon. Even now, from my maldesigned seat in this maldesigned airport, I spy a middle-aged woman waving her arms at the ticket counter like a sprinklerhead gone awry. Perhaps she is serious, too. "

The only time I could really zone out without thinking about work on trips is when I sit in the plane for the duration of the flight. That is the untouchable zone. So I'm not a proponent of wifi in the sky to be rolled out to the masses. I don't want to live with that, thanks. It's a convenient facility, but not something I welcome. Being stuck at airports, is a totally different kettle of fish. I hate that!

I'm not a curious or friendly traveller. I prefer to be left alone, and even if I'm seated next to you for a 14-hour flight, I'll make no attempt to engage you in conversation for any length of time unless it's an "excuse me" for dropping some stuff over or "sorry about that" if I elbowed a rib....something mundane. I'm not even mildly interested in wondering about the stories behind each human. My brains are usually preoccupied with other stuff, like books. For the duration of the flight, there'll be headphones, earphones and earphones to put me in a personal bubble away from the rest of the world. I'm not an enthusiastic observer of human behavior, clearly.


lilsnooze said...

;) Im the same type of traveller - much prefer to zone out during flights. Even if tehpeng is my travelling companion, I will still ignore him. HAHAH.

Dawn said...

I loved having wifi on the plane! :) I was sorry when they cancelled it. I really enjoyed not getting work phone calls while I was on the plane though!

imp said...

lilsnooze: hahaha. same same. I can completely not talk to the man for the entire duration of the flight! so rude we are.

dawn: i want to be totally UNCONTACTABLE!

jooo said...

It's a bonus if I find the seat next to me empty. I have both space, peace, and no unwanted disturbances from toilet breaks hehe.

imp said...

jooo: TOTALLY! That'll be the best!