Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stretch, Bubbles, Stretch!

Bubbles and I sat by the bay window to play. It had been wet, grey and dreary all day. Bubbles said she didn't like the rain and she wanted to sun to come out and shine. You wouldn't believe what I did next. I sang her the chorus of 'Summer Rain', replete with hand signs of the rain falling. Bubbles was very amused by the singing. Then she mimicked my hand signs. Heeeheeeheee.

After rolling around for a bit and doing star jumps with a spot of butt shaking, she gleefully stretched her leg out as instructed. I couldn't get her to put her hands beneath the heel. Oh well, little children are more flexible than adults, so no matter. Pointed her toes too! A familiar stretch in pilates and yoga. We need a little more work on the line and form, but she got the idea. How very fun! She seems to like these stretching and twisting; she's been trying to climb the furniture from all possible angles at home, so maybe supervised gym time is nigh!


Anonymous said...

you're so good with your friends' little ones!
love the auntie imp with the summer rain. i am sure Bubbles loves you to bits!

imp said...

tuti: only the little ones like my face!

Yuling said...

Imp, you are REALLY good with the little ones. No doubt about that. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

She did it again when I asked her to today! heee. Am still giggling about that burst of Summer Rain!

jooo said...

I see the imp's giving bubbles her first taste of Mambo eh. Haha.

imp said...

Yuling: they probably are quite used to seeing me by now I suppose! At least I'm not the scary auntie who coos in their face and try to carry them n run away!

Corsage: I aim to entertain you my dear! Muahahahhaha.

Jooo: start 'em young I say!