Friday, August 19, 2011

It's A Lovely Day

Another girlfriend's back home for a little while! Yayyy!! I've missed her very much. At least I've got a couple of months to hang out with her before she flies off again.

A lunch meeting was in order. The three of us, we rarely get a chance to sit down together for a meal nowadays. Not too difficult to arrange a date with either one, but to have all three.....I can't even remember the last time we met as a trio!

We were all in dresses. Something about lunch and greenery mid-week lifted our spirits. One girlfriend was decked out in a chirpy red with a statement ring, the other was in silver with a cute beige belt, and I was in random grey with silver bangles. This sort of girlie gathering, I like. I love these girls' brains, minds and humor. I told them about how I missed the intensity and challenges of the previous job, and the recent lapse in nearly applying for job with a similar portfolio in another organization, and both recoiled in horror. They said, almost simultaneously, not word for word, but the gist went something like, "Are you out of your mind? Why do you want to do the same shit in a shittier organization?!" Heeeheeeheeee.

Fresh from her travels and photos of majestic glaciers, the girlfriend bought me a beautiful pair of earrings in hand-blown glass from Bluejays & Bumblebees. The girlfriend knows my ears react quite badly to silver and we discussed the earrings over whatsapp, replete with photos. I wanted it anyway! Heh. Allergy notwithstanding, I'm going to wear this pair of gorgeous earrings for about 2 hours at a stretch. Best worn in the sunlight. I put it on immediately. It matched my dress today!

We lingered over the meal, and were the last customers to leave the restaurant. Nobody chased us away or grumbled when we ordered coffee at 3pm. How nice! Back then, whenever I could, I would make time to lunch with them on work days, and looked forward to regular dinners and coffee during the weekends. We still do that. And the best part, now we've more time to arrange for random meets. What a long splendid outing with the girlfriends today.


JoMel said...

you look lovely on this lovely day! :)

I don't know what my skin reacts to, but it ain't silver. Once I put on a pair of earrings that's made of this material, within 30 minutes, I'll start feeling a warm sensation, followed by itching, and then.. urg, you don't want to know. haha..

imp said...

jomel: i think it's nickel? i know what happens next. i've something similar. but it's called 'the annual ear rot'. :P even till now, i can't leave the earholes empty without a stud. the moment i do so for 2 days, the flesh grows over. eeks.