Friday, September 30, 2011

About My Choice Of Food

Having a conversation about food with some humans can be very trying. Some think that I eat rabbit food to stay thin. Dear people, I eat those because I truly LOVE it. (Also add curry and alcohol to that please.) To me, they're the most delicious things in the world. How difficult is it to understand that?

I've always been picky about food because the home serves wayy better quality of food than what restaurants offer. It's only in the recent years that better standards of food are served up to customers, and even that, is not a common thing.

I've had no problems giving up meat. It all started with the nauseating smells of chicken. Then there're my ethical concerns. (Not elaborating on this. Google can provide all information) After firmly kicking chicken out of my life, everything else comes easy. I've no great love for poultry, red meat or pork. If you must know, my tastebuds and sense of smell have been heightened to the point that there's a certain stink about meat that doesn't appeal anymore. Fish, is one item I can't give up just yet. Specifically sashimi and sushi, and steamed fish. I can skip shellfish and the rest, no issues.

Next comes the exercise. No diet will succeed without complementing it with exercises. Is it so difficult to move one's ass off the couch to do something? Not for me. I'm very disciplined that way. I was quite happy being plump. But not bothering to exercise, inching towards 65kg and feeling lethargic weren't ideal indications of health. I've always been an active girl, but not into cardio workouts or weight training at the gym. Certainly not running. Ugh.

It's not difficult to get back into the rhythm of doing exercises I love- swimming, pilates and in-line skating. When I grew stronger, I added sparring and parkour, both of which relied on foundations that were solidly formed as a child. The turning point was the daily riding and wiping down of horses over 2 winters in London; that tipped the stagnant weight into a merry downhill slide.

I changed my diet, tanked up on regular exercise, built muscles, stamina and strength, losing weight steadily over 2 years before I hit my ideal approximate that fluctuates between 45 - 47kg and no heavier. The last medical in March revealed that I'm in the best physical condition of my life. Being too thin is not an issue. You can be fatter or thinner than I am, and still not half as healthy or as lithe. So lay off the snide comments and seemingly considerate advice.

Before you criticize or sneer at my food choices, know that you're not paying for my medical bills in the future. It's in selfish interest to be a prick and choose what I want to eat instead of having to justify it to you why this is so. Do not rub it in my face by saying you'll eat shark's fin and foie gras at every single opportunity just to even out us nazi pescetarians (and vegetarians). It's not a war. You might actually be crippled from clogged arteries because of your petulance. If I could punch you, you would feel the superb benefits of exercise.


notabilia said...

These must be the same people that tell your pregnant friends what to eat and what not to eat. Why is it anyone else's businesses what your food preferences are? AAAAAAARRGGGGHHHH. (And for the record, I hate 'rabbit food.' Rabbits don't eat as well as I do.)

yAnn said...

As with many other things, food is a personal choice. If you are fit and have no health problems, why should anyone criticise your pescetarian diet? We need to learn to respect people's choices.

(I always hate it when people sneer at my rejection of shark's fins and say things like, "They are already dead, anyway".)

JoMel said...

why bother justifying? I don't care what people think about my choice of food or my likes and dislikes.. everybody is different. But seriously, you were 65??? When was this? Oh yeah.. I do remember you telling me you were very heavy at one point. Look at you now!! I can only dream about achieving your kind of weightloss! I don't even think it's possible unless I'm really sick.. *touchwood*

Lady J said...

I actually admire your discipline and determination - one that I clearly lack. If I can only achieve half of what you did to lose the weight, I'll be happy.

I tend to agree with what Yann said, respect people's choices! If no one ask for your opinion on it, then please just keep your thoughts to yourself. Thank you very much.

kikare said...

I want to know: is char siu still not pork?

fernoftheforest said...

You were 65kg?! So inspired =)

imp said...

notabilia: they are the same people! About our age too! I don't get it! Grrrr.

yann: precisely. It's your choice.

Jomel: remember the time you gave me a shiny pretty blue blouse? I was 65kg then.

LadyJ: bottomline, I think I'm just damn vain. My fav combo is a white top and jeans. Not the best look if I'm not toned.

Kikare: Heh. The last time I touched char skew was in Jan this year and the last time before that, was with you girls in HK. :)

fernoftheforest: yes. Had to buy clothes in a larger size coz the old ones can't be zipped up anymore, and that's when I felt it keenly.

JoMel said...

well, let me tell you, you did NOT look 65kg then at all! you could be muscle heavy lah! :D

bmuse said...

Love that last line! Heh.

I've witnessed your transformation firsthand, and have nothing but admiration for your discipline! You lost the flab and gained the muscles consistently and gradually over the two years, no scary crazy diets involved!

Yours is truly the best type of approach one should adopt, whether to be healthier or get back in shape: A lifestyle combining plenty of healthful food in the right dosage with frequent exercises that you like! Beats the sullen faces I see on some fellow gym-goers anytime! : )

imp said...

jomel: you're too kind.

bmuse: yes babe! you've been with me every step of the way! altho i confes i slacked off on in-line skating. :P

Dawn said...

Seconding Jomel - no way did you look 65kg!

M. said...

HAHAHAAH. Well said babe! I hate it when people look at me funny when I indicate my dietary preferences. They think I am skinny because I am picky, that I am pescetarian and I don't eat anything else but "grass" (a.k.a vegetables). Gosh, I eat what I love and admittedly, I choose to eat healthy most of the time because I like feeling 'clean' and wholesome. Bleh!! (sorry for a bit of rant)

Anonymous said...

just caught this post.
to each his own lah. stupid people shouldn't look beyond their nose.
i am fat and most people think i eat like a pig. i just told off (like finally!) a cab driver that he shouldn't assume that plump people have nothing on their mind except food. i have low blood sugar and so my dietary preference are insane too, let alone some days when i need meat like my life depended on it. and some days i just eat grass to keep the keel. so ya, this is a rant riding on your post. people should butt out.

imp said...

dawn: I WAS DOUBLE YOUR SIZE 2 years ago!

M.: Rant away. Ironically, it's in Asia that I face this sort of questions and judgment. No one says anything in Americas and Europe. Hmmmph.

tuti: i believe each of us are the best judge of what we want to put into our bodies.

bookjunkie said...

It's so annoying when someone else tries to tell you what to eat. I had a boss like that, who would scrutinize my every meal. Lunchtime was misery for me and she insisted that I eat with her. (I soon quit that job)

It's terrible how people can't respect the choices of other people especially when it's something so personal like lifestyle, food or marriage and having a kid etc.

I must admit that I am motivated by your discipline as I am currently quite lacking in that area :) I like the idea of being in peak health. I am not the most fit person, but I used to revel in exercise and it made me feel so good, but after an injury I kinda just stopped and can't seem to get back to it...honestly now I think I'm just lazy.

imp said...

bookjunkie: i hope times are somewhat changing and by the next generation, people will learn the value of privacy. :) do whatever exercises that will be beneficial to you, even if it means washing dishes. that works.