Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinner For 3 And A Bear

A mid-week dinner date was arranged at Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House. We all made it before 8pm after various work meetings, yes, me included. Drinks were in order. We began with that. I'm quite impressed by the bloody mary.

To Ivan and M.'s credit, they didn't display any sort of eye-rolling to the presence of a tiny cute bear and welcomed him to the table. Luckily they didn't think I've kinda lost control over some of my faculties. :P

I'm okay with corn bread (not corn muffins) per se. I just don't like it with butter, no matter how good the butter is. It's a little weird when the bread is already flavorful. For Luke's version of corn bread, I'd prefer to eat it with chutney or jam.

Lobster rolls and lobster pot pies available in Singapore restaurants are few and far. The lobster rolls aren't available at Luke's after happy hour in the evening. So we settled for the lobster pot pie. While I've had the lobster mac and cheese and love it, I've had no chance to try the pie version. It was a very good attempt with a whole lobster de-shelled and plated. Tender and creamy, it went pretty alright with the crispy pastry.

Oysters, of course, had to be ordered. We were trying to decide between the raw platter or just oysters. Oysters won. Tonight's choices were from Massachusetts and Canada. They were fabulous. We had it after the tasty oyster po'boy burgers. Nicely chilled, the oysters were briny and flavorful. It could be either a great start to a meal, or order 2 platters to be the meal. 

I'm not a fan of oysters and was done after slurping up 3. Then I had a bit of fun placing Indie Bear on the cold bed of ice. He was very interested in the oysters, but I didn't let him have any. After we were almost done, he gamely clambered onto ice and stayed there while we took photos. But he didn't seem to enjoy that very much. Hahah. Don't ask me what the other diners thought- I wasn't prepared to check that out. I already tried to be as surreptitious as possible. 

The photo is proof that we didn't starve Ivan.

While M. and I would be perfectly pleased with ordering numerous starters, Ivan needed something more filling by way of a main. Carbs or something meaty, preferably. The menu also offers different chunks of beef. Ivan was in the mood for veal, especially after he requested for a different cooking style that is less charred than the last visit. He ordered a portion all for himself. The veal chop arrived beautifully brown, apparently just the way he likes it. Chef Travis Masiero made sure of that.

M. and I were not interested in dessert at all. (By the way, the innovative variation of key lime pie here is good) Ivan couldn't quite resist ordering one for himself. See, another case study of how the men seem to be the ones liking sweets rather than the women. It's not a matter of calories for us; we just don't have that sweet tooth. So the boy(s) opted for a stout-infused milkshake with warm chocolate chip cookies. If you like your comfort sweets, I suppose this hits a spot. From the looks of it, Indie Bear loved it.


notabilia said...

I don't care what he eats and he doesn't care what I eat or don't eat (assuming we are both eating a healthy, balanced diet with a range of micronutrients). And, if by chance, he did say something, well... he knows the consequences ;).

JoMel said...

one of my closest girlfriends is a vegetarian from birth, while her husband of 8 years and prior to that, boyfriend of 10, loves meat like most men do… well, not a problem at all!

kikare said...

To this day, some friends still feel puzzled when I said D doesn't like fish and in particular shellfish. They ask,"why?"; I say, "because he doesn't find them tasty". Just like you can't stand the smell of chicken. It's personal.

M. said...

well, the last guy I dated didn't mind my dietary preference. but one did consider it before he formalised asking me out exclusively. I guess food (and perhaps more importantly, meat) is such an integral part of his life that he wanted to make sure we are both able to enjoy a meal together.

Anonymous said...

sometimes when i read your archives, you too sound different now.

time, people around us, we ourselves, experiences, we just evolve i guess.

imp said...

I won't reply individually, but thank you for your thoughts. It's good to hear them.