Saturday, September 17, 2011

At Mariinsky Ballet's Don Quixote

Attended my first show under the series of da:ns festival 2011. I can't wait for the rest of the performances in October. Wieeeeeee!!! Spent a magnificent evening at 'Don Quixote', presented by the Mariinsky Ballet and the Orchestra of St Petersburg.

Reading Cervantes' 'Don Quixote' in school didn't really fire the imagination or make the story come alive this vividly. Yea, I know. How could I miss all that Spanish fiery passion. I don't know! I was too busy identifying literary devices and reading the 'right things' in order to pass the exams. Anyway, I love how The Bolshoi Ballet had put this out, so I was most eager to watch Mariinsky's interpretation of the ballet in its choreography. (Read a review of it at The Guardian) The moment a couple of girlfriends and I knew the company was coming, we went about the business of securing tickets.

A full evening at the theatre meant that we should pad the stomach with light bites and drinks at 5pm. After the show, we trooped back to E's house where a light supper had been prepared to facilitate our noisy discussion about Mariinsky's interpretation versus Bolshoi's. It was such a wonderful recap of the evening riot of music and colors.

Some have watched Mariinsky Ballet's productions, some of us haven't. I've been so excited about watching the company for the first time. For those of us first-timers, we weren't disappointed. What a lavish and extravagant night! Those costumes are spectacularly jaunty, telling of the most splendid period in the arts and literature in Spain which has been gently infused with influences from the Italian Renaissance. I've no idea if these costumes transmit total authenticity, but hey, this isn't flamenco which requires a traditional trajes de faraleas. The strength and unsurpassed techniques of the dancers are breathtaking to behold. I love the cabriole, chaînés and coda in this performance.

I was completely blown away. :)

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