Sunday, September 18, 2011

Balloons & Bubbles

Good photos of children, dogs and cats are virtually impossible to capture without a good 50mm lens on a DSLR. Gaaah. I got really blurred ones of the jumping kids and the glossy dog who were all distracted by the many humans and food smells. Adequate lighting, but tough to crystallize with my point and shoot. I captured what I could (which were really bad shots), and put the camera away.

Corsage had prepped activities of balloon painting and lotsa bottles of bubbles for the kids. After a while, they ignored the large humans and went about doing their thang. They were running all over and laughing, showing off their proud creations to all who requested a closer.  Lotsa fun for them! I didn't join in. I didn't come to a children's party to terrorize the little tots. I put on my best behavior and sat with the friends to chat, tickled a tiny one with the host's bottle of single malt provided for the attending alcoholics, and stuffed myself full of fishballs and homemade tuna sandwiches.

Everyone definitely noticed how the birthday tot's missymessy dress of colorful hearts matched the sprinkles on the chocolate cake. Very cute! I eyed that birthday cake from start till my first mouthful. It promised to be a yummy cake that would be more chocolaty than cloying. It was one tasty cake from Vicky's which thankfully didn't overload on the sugar. I had 3 bites of it before passing the rest to the man to polish it off.

Happy Two, my dear sweet Bubbles!


Anonymous said...

Really matching the dress and the sprinkles!!

Bubbles all of two, stands really tall and confident on her special day! Happy Birthday Bubbles!

kikare said...

I turn the dial to "children" mode when i shoot my dog and the result has so far been good :)

bookjunkie said...

Now that's a really cute dress :)

Anonymous said...

glossy dog! haha =) I never thought of him that way.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little girl at what looks to be a delicious party!

Missymessy makes some lovely dresses.

JoMel said...

I would increase the shutter speed to catch jumping kids and glossy dogs. Does your camera allow you to adjust shutter speed?

imp said...

tuti + bookjunkie: all cutesy on her birthday!

kikare: i don't quite like the results of mine when i use that function. :(

fern: he is!

fangirlyness: missymessy dresses are homemade. fabulous stitching and fabric.

jo: yes. i can adjust both shutter speed and aperture. but i don't quite like the results compared to a proper lens.