Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rumah Terbuka Eid/Hari Raya

Another bunch of friends opened up their homes for Eid/Hari Raya feasts. Their warm hospitality is awesome. Similar to the other week, the homecooked food is fabulous, none is less stunning than the other. Pots and pots of bubbling rempah sat on kitchen stoves; their contents streamed out in pretty serving bowls and plates, only to be eagerly emptied into our stomachs. Heeeee.

Food coma, totally. I couldn't skip the curries without taking the rice. At a final point, I had to say stop to the food. I couldn't even do coffee or tea. Water sufficed. I practically rolled into the car and stumbled into the final house where I could savor only one begedil with sambal tumis.

The dear friend's grandmother pointed me to the direction of the dessert table. In bahasa, she urged me to take some. I rubbed my tummy and said I could do no more. She told me to try the kek lapis with prunes. She cheerfully said, "Siap di rumah!" But of course. I took a deep breath. Okaaay. One tiny slice. SQUEEZE. Trembling fingers reached out towards a tiered tray of colors. A slice of homemade (surprisingly not sweet) kek lapis completed the afternoon of feasting.


Anonymous said...

wahhh food galore!
i love how beautiful and intricate those trays are. most importantly, how very heartwarming these occasions can be, with good company.

JoMel said...

food coma.. how I can relate, especially today! But how to say no to kueh lapis??

(unrelated to this: good for you to have reached a decision that you're happy with, on the job offer!)

supercoati said...

Aiyo, I'm sooooo envious! Next time you let me tag along la and I'll eat everything for you :D

sinlady said...

food coma. haha.

if it's not too rude, ask to ta pau. but i guess that is rude...

imp said...

tuti: they take so much pride in the presentation. beautiful.

jomel: i always say no to desserts anyway! ooh. the job offers come along, but this one really made me think twice before sayin no. :)

supercoati: now i know. next year! come come!

sinlady: hehe. we don't dare to ask! but we've been given lovely fruit chutneys and sambal to take home!

bookjunkie said...

I can almost feel your food coma, but the cakes look so good and the curries sound so yummy as well.

Ya it's really hard to say no to sweet grandmas or aunties. I always feel bad to say no but end up super stuffed.

imp said...

bookjunkie: Once a year, i tell myself. Once a year I do this, because i really really love the spices!