Friday, September 09, 2011

House Party!

The friends have got a yummilicious new pad in the heart of town and before they start on any sort of renovation and decorating the interiors, they invited everyone over to display hidden streaks of Banksy inclination on their blank walls. The estate is so new till the neighbors haven't moved in. A perfect house party where no one will complain about music choices or noise levels. Hurrah!

As usual, there were many events happening this Friday night. The house party was supposed to start at 10pm, a good timing after everyone's engagements. We turned up with beer kegs in hand (more bottles and cans were provided by the hosts in the fridge) and merrily contributed colors to the wall and generally upped the noise volume till I was almost certain that the still-awake humans in the estate across the road could hear us. :P

It really wasn't a good idea for me to continue chugging beer. There wasn't any sort of wild drinking. No binge. It boggles my mind how just 2 teeny plastic cups of beer gave me a mega headache the next morning, that one pint at lunch notwithstanding. It's enough to give me a queasy stomach to cringe at the idea of more alcohol over the weekend. *hiccup


sinlady said...

ah...the simple pleasures. haha

imp said...

sinlady: heh. sorta!