Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Found Gifts For Mommy

I prefer shopping for men. It's so damn easy to pick out gifts for them. Mega lego sets, cool gadgets and gizmos, katana, boxing gloves, vouchers to sports shops, satchels, camera bags, awesome light sabers etc. Toys. Toys which I like too.

It's shopping for women that I'm not fond of. Which explains gifts should only be bought for women whom I know and have been keeping in touch with, just so that it's easier to guess what practical items they might need or like. I refuse to give a gift for the sake of appearances. Shopping for the mothers is always difficult. What do you buy for a woman who has everything? While we can give her time, a meal, daily affections, etc, we would still like to have an accompanying tiny gift.

I've no interest in trudging the shops for 2 hours to get a gift. The modus operandi is to think about possible gift items before stepping out of the house; hit one mall, zoom in on possibilities, narrow it down within 30 minutes, buy, and get out of the mall before the end of the hour. No such thing as heading to a second mall. That's unthinkable. Hanging out at malls is a most dreaded activity. On an evening shopping trip before closing hours at Takashimaya, the man and I managed to find a couple of ideal gifts for his mom. We were done in 45 minutes.


notabilia said...

Mom got a gift from Ferragamo? Lucky mom!

Lady J said...

I like how you shop.. that's my modus operandi too! And you prefer shopping for men? I find shopping for men a lot harder.. hehe

JoMel said...

Imp, could that be "another S$5800 bag"?? :D

I find it so much harder to shop for men.. real headache!

imp said...

notabilia: and Lladro. :)

LadyJ: totally easier to shop for men- less choices, more creativity needed! women= more choices, increased headaches.

jomel: heheheh. not a bag or a pouch :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to The Man's Mom!
I am sure she will like the gift both of you picked out.

Anonymous said...

beautiful lladro!
i'm the opposite. i find it much easier to shop for women than men.

imp said...

tuti: i think she did!

D: they've got some beautiful flower gardens. very pricey, but gorgeous. we're slowly accumulating a collection for her!