Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali!

We were invited to a cosy Diwali dinner at the friends'. We didn't know all the guests, but by the end of the night,  instead of simply schmoozing, we managed to have a proper dose of conversation with a number. We didn't realize it was almost midnight. We should go. The poor hosts would be so tired! Bedtime it was for us.

We tried out a golden ale by Storm Brewing Bali (Storm Beer). The hosts thought it would be something interesting to try. Golden ales and pale ales always work. The man and I liked it quite a bit.  It was pretty good! We were never without a full bottle in hand. Between the both of us, we must have put away about 6 bottles......I hope we didn't drink up all their beer till nothing was left! The friends picked a good caterer- the food was great! I over-ate, for sure, on the rice and dhaal. The combination was beautiful. I went for seconds. The dessert of gulab jamun is probably the man's favorite Indian dessert. It came in a smaller size than usual, so between several helpings, he put away like 6 super-duper-duper sweet balls. I've no idea how he could do that!

A thoughtful gift of sweets (biscuits and nuts) sent us off for the night. Baked by the mother, it already promised to be good. Homemade food must never be wasted. We put them into the fridge and had them for tea the next day with a pot of earl grey. Made for a filling afternoon snack!

To the friends celebrating Diwali / Deepavali / Festival of Lights, may you have another good year ahead filled with lightness of heart and journey, peace of mind and home, and most of all, contentment in the happiness that you seek.


JoMel said...

yup! that sounds like my man… crazy for indian sweets!! :D

Anonymous said...

i just got back from a friend's invite too. the mom cooks well. love especially her tuna balls. actually everything is nice lah.

imp said...

jomel: he's mad over sugar, sweets and dessert. He probably wonders what's wrong with me coz I don't eat any of that!

tuti: Glad you had a good makan session at the friend's!