Friday, November 25, 2011

Perth - Amplifier

We are here in Perth for the Foo Fighters. But it doesn't mean we just want to catch them only. We want to check out the indie rock scene as much as possible. Randomly surfing onto the events site this weekend, we were stoked to find out that 'Tangled Thoughts of Leaving' would be playing at Amplifier.

We had pints of beer and hung out. It's been a long while since I've taken a hard look at Perth's club scene. Admittedly, I got really drunk on crappy vodka shots and horrible cheap whisky at shitty trance clubs with plenty of drama and trouble back then. So now, it's refreshing to stand around or sit down at a laidback pub with live bands where no one's particularly out looking to be unglamorous.

We've decided not to step into any clubs that required dress shoes. Why bother? There're plenty of clubs around with a sneakers' only rule. Amplifier is cool. At A$12 per cover for the pleasure of 4 bands (also included 'Wizard Sleeve', 'Mezzanine', and 'The Molten') in an evening, we definitely got more than our money's worth. Beer not included though.

'Tangled Thoughts of Leaving' headlined the evening and came on last. The band blew our minds with raw energy and sincerity. Great riffs. Halfway through, one by one, we trotted out to the merchandise booth to grab copies of their cds and tees. Honestly, the band is so much better live than listening to them on the cd over the stereo.

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