Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cottesloe Beach

Beautiful powdery brown sand. Wide expanse of blue. Not a crowded beach at all. Gorgeous day in early summer that was still a tad chilly out here and in the nights. We were almost blown into the water with a merry vengeance by the continuous wind.

Choppers were flying overhead rather regularly. Trying to spot great whites, I imagine, since the city council has given the go-ahead to cull sharks that are coming in too close to surfers and swimmers.

All the girls were in bikinis. Not me. Even with the blazing sun overhead, at 22 degrees celsius and the strong wind, it was too cold for this girl from the tropics! It's gotta be a wetsuit before hitting the water. I took tentative dips before deciding to pass on grabbing a surfboard. I would look too much like a big fat juicy...edible thing to bigger predators out there.

But kite surfing, offers a modicum of protection, psychologically at least. Physically demanding, but not a deterrence to this group of people made up of gym rats, jumpers and runners. As we revved up for kite surfing, there were tons of not-that-funny jokes about a great white leaping out of the waves to catch a human while cresting the churning foam.



supercoati said...

I love brekkie at the Blue Water Cafe :)

imp said...

Supercoati: it's beatiful and very quaint! Good service too.

fangirlyness said...

Oh, Cottlesloe! I lived a short distance away at Mosman Park. Ah, memories of a misspent youth...

I don't know what it is about the sea water in Australia, but it's damn cold! Whereas Singapore beach water is much kinder room temperature. I do remember that beach being well known for great white attacks.

imp said...

It's freezing in summer, and supposedly slightly warmer in winter. But still damn cold. This is THAT famous beach that sharks trawl. Probably by now, there's a genetic strain in sharks that tell them of this beach now.