Saturday, November 26, 2011

Northbridge For The Evening

Clubs and bars in Perth are now so stringent with their checks on underage drinking. The friends told us to bring out our passports as the required form of photo ID for door checks. Our Singapore identity card, driver's licence or whatever else weren't acceptable. Only the passport will do, and not a photocopy at that.

Do you remember Northbridge to be a rough area like...12 years back? It's now rather cleaned up. Lots of police presence and zealous security at the clubs and restaurants. We were surprised to see that it's now so vibrant and walking on the streets feels almost safe as we spent the evening in the area for a decent dinner of Italian and went over to The Ya Ya's where we randomly turned up for 'The Coalminers Sect' single launch. You know how it goes, friends of bands and all, live music, let's go! A$8 gets you in to watch 3 bands, and a cd of the single. Nice. 'The Shakeys' is such a fun garage punk all-girl group! 'Dirty South' hit up such nostalgic rock melodies for old skool rock and roll.

There were ridiculous shots of Bailey's and Amaretto, glasses of Guinness draught, and tons of beer. My stomach had no space for anything after those carbs at dinner. ARRRGGGH. After all that drinking, we walked out, wanting to find another drinking hole. I was mildly relieved to find Geisha closed and would only open at 11pm. So we went back to the spacious apartment and rocked it up for a house party! Single malt FTW. More friends came over. The main door and walls were solidly built. No one complained about the noise level. Woot. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast.

It's been YEARS since I've been in Perth (did HSC there back in the day). Yes, indeed, I do remember how rough Northbridge was. Catching a taxi after clubbing was an adventure.

imp said...

Nothing like a house party!

You'll be surprised to see how tame Northbridge is now. I was stunned!