Sunday, November 27, 2011

At Little Creatures Brewery

A day out at sea left us all hungry and thirsty near sundown. Since our landing point was Fremantle, it was completely not surprising to find us stomping into Little Creatures Brewery to demand to be filled up with calories in the form of both liquids and solids.

Being a weekend, it was ridiculously crowded and chaotic at the joint. Our drinks came fast enough, but trying to order food was like an exercise in patience. So many servers said, "Give us 5 minutes". When one finally appeared, it was more like 15 minutes later. Thankfully, the process between sending in the orders to the kitchen and delivery of food was fast.

Pints of pale ale, bright ale and all others dotted the long table. The menu even had a 375ml of Innocent Bystander's pink moscato. Best. There was a LOT of food. Pizzas all round. Somebody ordered kangaroo meat on skewers. Apparently this version was tasty, tender and lean. Hmmm. There were dozens and dozens of oysters. I stuck to my mussels and devoured all those handcut fries. AWESOME fries that still had skin on them.


Yuling said...

Apparently this place fries their fries with macadamia oil, hence a nice punch. Ah, I want to be there!

bmuse said...

Nice! this place will definitely be on my list when I visit next - another one of those that I was miffed to miss the previous times I was there!