Monday, November 28, 2011

Foo Fighters in Perth!

All hydrated and geared up after a heavy lunch, accessories were stripped to bare essentials and we strolled into Perth's nib Stadium at 4.30pm. The stadium's situated right smack in a residential area. Depending on how you look at it, residents there are either 'lucky bastards' or 'poor sods'.

What luck we had to grab an area with a good view, but far away enough from the jostling crowds. Plenty of time to use the still reasonably clean portaloos, grab a bite and buy the band's tour tees like the suckers we are.

Standing for 6 hours wasn't an issue. Not being able to pee because I hate them portaloos wasn't too annoying either. What I was a tad wary of were the crowds and the weather.  Everyone told me to stop being a worrywart. Luckily the crowds were so tame till there was no moshing. BUT. The clouds rolled in and drizzled for a 10-minute stretch on the hour, every hour from 4.30pm to 11pm. HA. It had to rain TONIGHT, of all sunny days in the city. I'm SO thankful that the friends bought me a band hoodie to keep my wool sweater from being sodden and getting chilled to the bones in the wind.
'Calling All Cars' at 5pm. Front pitch filling up.

Melbourne band 'Calling All Cars' started the event with their rousing opening set. Appreciative crowd for sure. It was followed by the very entertaining punk and experimental rock group 'F*#ked Up' from Toronto. Halfway through, frontman Damian Abraham whipped off his shirt and ran into the crowds. Bassist Sandy Miranda was in a white top and wearing the wrong bra. Between both sets of their nipples, I was extremely distracted. As the skies continued to let down showers and turn dark, Jack Black and Kyle Gass' 'Tenacious D' came on. They were hilarious in their trademark sexual mock rock way, and keeping very much to the spirit of the event, teased the crowd, worked us and got us grooving.

The programme stated that Foo Fighters would come on at 7.50pm. None of us believed that. But they were on time! The lights dimmed before 8pm and Dave Grohl ran on, opening with 'Bridge Burning', and continuing with 'Rope', 'The Pretender' and 'My Hero'. Taylor Hawkins sang too! He was on lead vocals for 'Cold Day in the Sun'. After that, I got swept up in music and fun that I decided not to keep count of how many songs the band did or remember tonight's setlist. That's what the internet's for.

Mid-way, Dave Grohl got onto an elevated platform, thrilling everyone, including us who had to stare at his ass, or turn around to stare at the screen for his face.

Ever the consummate performer, Dave Grohl 'spoke' to the audience via video while we were yelling out for an encore. We demanded 7 songs. He did them. :) He began the encore with an acoustic version of 'Wheels', singing it and asking everyone to sing it for the "mudderfarkers in the shitty seats" at the end of the stadium. He did one more acoustic with a heartfelt 'Best of You' before the band joined him halfway through 'Times Like These'. Of course it was perfectly apt to end the night with 'Everlong'. 2.5 hours of solid rock and roll!

Tonight in Perth marks Foo Fighters' first stop of their Australian tour 2011.  Epic night. Epic, epic, epic. By 10.45pm, our thighs, ankles and heels felt so sore. All worth it. Even my oddity of being obsessed with the weather and being this close to running off if it stormed. (Hey, I'm not the biggest fan!) It was a fantabulous gig.

Dave Grohl on the huge screens.


supercoati said...

You are making me so jealous. That's it, I'm heading back down in autumn! :)

imp said...

Come come! We're thinking ofmcoming back late summer. Heeeee.

supercoati said...

Oh man.....I need to stop work like you! Then again you are really busy with your oldies:) No, no I don't like the summer heat and flies. I'm heading to Israel during Lent anyway.

imp said...

you gotch annual leave aplenty! Or switch to part-time! Happy holidays. israel is gorgeous. I haven't gone that way for 10 years! Ought to plan a trip too.

kachunknorge said...

Love FF.

Yuling said...

FF has got to be epic!

Remember I told you about the song I was so mad about? It's "Next year" - theme song for 'Ed', some NBC show if I'm not wrong. Haha uni years donkey years ago!

imp said...

kachunknorge: :)

yuling: they are superb live. the mixing on the cd is good, but dave grohl is such a intense, charismatic rock star. the band is awesome to hear live. electrifying.