Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fish & Chips Galore in Australia

Some lunches were spent out at sea or by the beach. Lots of chances to indulged in fish and chips. Not so much of the chips. But more of the fish. LOVE IT. YAYY! Unlike London, many little shops also offer sweet chilli sauce for purchase. Not as good as Lingham's of course, but better than not having any chilli. I'll take it. Tabasco just doesn't cut it. Salt and vinegar are always welcome.

They always do a good one. It's hard to screw up fish and chips. Oh, and no flake please. So glad there're choices on the blackboard for fish of the day. Just good old red spot emperor or whiting. Perfect. Have it fried or lightly grilled. Mmmmm.


Lady J said...

Arh.. Lingham chilli... No space to stock up now! But on a separate note, I love salt and vinegar on my fish and chips too.

imp said...

ladyJ: I love Lingham's on fried fish!