Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coffee In Perth

It isn't so easy to find good coffee in Perth. Most joints in Melbourne and Sydney do double shots for their coffee. Here, it's just one. Often, asking for a double shot will give you that caffeine boost, but it doesn't have much by way of specialty coffee shops.

When I say coffee, I mean coffee. I don't care about the food. The cafe can serve up shite food and it doesn't matter. I don't go to coffee joints to eat. If I do, it's purely to fill the tummy. Ummm...don't laugh...I dragged everyone out to The Imp in East Victoria Park. Its coffee is okay. The food's much better. Still, I found a favorite in Polly Coffee Bar in Northbridge, right outside at the square between the art galleries.

In Fremantle, I didn't mind Black Cherries Espresso at the Markets, but walk a little further and nearer to the train station, you'll find Hush Espresso. That's my pick. We just stumbled upon it and got a cup of flat white to share like minutes before they cleaned up and closed for the day.

I'm going on to Brisbane, armed with a list of recommendations from the friends who're coffee aficionados and fanatical purists about their beans. I understand there're much better coffee joints there. WOOHOOOOO.


Pebbles said...

Totally unrelated but I like that pic of you! The hairstyle looks 'japan-ish' Keke! Enjoy yourself loads!

imp said...

pebbles: i permed it last month and don't mind it too much. i don't bother to take care of it or buy special shampoo, the sorts. wash and wear.