Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Architecture In Fremantle

Fremantle was all about sailing and the ships to get out to the ocean. Rushing through the town to get on boats and into the car back to Perth City, we had time to totally appreciate the beer, but as a group, I didn't get a chance to channel that into admiring its architecture.

We weren't too impressed with the Markets. Its produce isn't that diverse or attractively priced. Its main selling point is being housed in style reminiscent of the Victorian markets. We only wandered the front section where the food, drinks and desserts are. We gave the back area a wide berth, not at all bothered to step inside. That's where the souvenirs and whatnots. Black Cherries Espresso, however, does pretty decent coffee.

I'm very taken by quaint little town, and found another slot to stroll around and have a look at the exciting spaces. I love the layout of the Catholic Notre Dame University. It's a beautiful usage of the heritage buildings, with each faculty taking one spread along both sides of Mouat Street. The Fremantle Arts Centre, being a former asylum, is a special place of interest for horror buffs like me. Heh. Its collection of artworks focuses strongly on Fremantle artists.

The town's superbly well-preserved 19th century buildings are worth a long stare. The ummm...convict-built colonial buildings are marked with a distinct Edwardian architectural style, more so than art deco. Most of these buildings are preserved and even though they might be used in different ways for urban living, the pubs and hotels do justice to the facade and interiors. Imagine, death/rock/prog metal band Opeth will be playing at the Metropolis Fremantle in 3 weeks.

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