Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hanging Out With The Friends!

We came as a group, but we've got plenty of separate dates with different groups of friends who're living in Perth. I'm not going to say politically incorrect things about the demography of Perth. If you've been here, you'll know exactly what I mean. But let's just say that Perth feels really...Asian. Especially the food. Asian food stores are so prevalent that I'm Asian food for any of my meals, please, thankyou. Gimme fish and chips. Neither do I have any comments about the recent revival of the mining boom in the city that has led to many economic ripples, least of all, a rise in property prices.

Going out is not just running amok at the beaches and working those abs. It's also about chilling out at the friends' beautiful homes, spending time chatting and generally going about doing leisurely things like playing with their dogs and cats, taking long walks at the parks or heading out for a trek in a spot not too far away.

We took advantage of the cool weather to indulge in the all-time favorite activity of barbecues. Ain't all about meat. They've gone creative with the menu for what's to be on the grill. Aside from seafood and vegetables, I get fruits and peppers too. Awesome. It's also an excuse to try all of Australia's craft beers. Currently, I'm leaning towards James Squire's 'The Chancer' golden ale. It's not that light, not too floral, but packs a nice beer breath. Heh.

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