Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Goat Biryani At Swaadisht

We've been going to Swaadisht alot. Gorgeous authentic Kerala cuisine. It's especially awesome because it closes at 11pm. Matches our schedules perfectly. Late night dining rocks, be it for dinner, supper or simply nibbles.

The man is hopelessly hooked on its goat biryani (pictured above). It's such a beautiful version of biryani. It's mutton really. You could choose to have it with usual basmati or the baby basmati (also known kala jeera. Notabilia has pointed out that it means 'black cumin'. Oh dear. I shall stick to calling it 'baby basmati'.) I like both kinds of grains. There're of course plenty of other options for biryani- fish and vegetables.

We're not too fond of localized version whereby curry is slapped over greasy biryani. It means we're not keen on Alauddin at Tekka Market and its assorted cousins. At Swaadisht, they serve the biryani in the style that we really like. I especially enjoy the biryani with the aloo gobi manchurian. It tickles me very much because it's a dish that no Chinese restaurant can re-create in spite of its name and origins.

Addendum: Finally took a proper look at the menu about the rice. The menu states it as 'jeeraka chamba rice'. Ahhh.


notabilia said...

Um, 'kala jeera' means 'black cumin.' Are you sure this was in reference to the rice?

imp said...

notabilia: OH! Thanks for pointing it out! Dude at restaurant said something about jeera rice. I must have not been paying attention. No wonder when I googled, I kept turning up jeera=cumin.