Friday, November 04, 2011

Starting The Day Early

My calendar is so packed that I've to consciously block out 'me-time' at least 2 weeks in advance. If I don't, I'd virtually have no time to surf, blog or read, or generally chill out without doing anything in particular. 

I had squared off half a day, thinking that I could sleep in a little before sauntering out for a coffee. Little did I know that the friends had other plans. Was unceremoniously woken up at 6am for an impromptu sprint and a swim. They barked over the phone, "You don't need to shower. Get up! We're picking you in 30 minutes." GRRRRRR. I was like...I just did a run! Why must I do it again so soon? Luckily I already had 7 hours of sleep. I wasn't too grouchy. Yes, the shower from last night should hold till mid-morning. I was ready within 30 minutes.

For a lark, we skipped Botanic Gardens and went to Punggol Waterway. Muahahahah. The friends wanted to see it. They declared that my rain-drenched photos were lousy, and they wanted to see it on a day when it isn't raining. The drive took quite alot longer than the run! The friends kicked my ass into a 3km sprint (They did 8km!) before heading home to continue at their pool with a couple of laps. Good workout. Easy. After all, these exertions are necessary to maintain the abs. Abs dissolve really fast, like, within 2 weeks if I don't do anything about them. Fight flab. 

By 10am, freshly showered and not so grouchy, our stomachs were awake and growling. Even those who have a habit of munching breakfast decided they needed additional fuel. We trooped out to Tekka Market for a carb-laden meal. It would last us till dinner. 


lilsnooze said...

Heehee I like your misty header pic of Punggol Waterway. Different kind of feel from those official pics. ;)

Tekka is really your to-go place.

imp said...

lilsnooze: i took it on a day when no one else would go! heh. Love Tekka. It's got alot of things I like!