Thursday, November 03, 2011

Blu Kouzina

If we want to satisfy cravings for a good fava, tzatziki, kolokithokeftedes, spanakopita and the sorts, Blu Kouzina is our choice. The warm pita bread made with sea salt and paprika goes brilliantly with them all.

The menu is pretty extensive and there's plenty of choices for all dietary preferences. Greek vegetarian is extremely tasty. We've been popping by for a while now and it's comforting to note the consistency in the quality and taste of its food.

I like how they do the fish and the easy spices sprinkled in their grilled seafood. I can't speak for their meats, but apparently the friends love it. Please note that their moussaka's daily option is filled with mincemeat. On weekends, they might do a vegetarian version, or if you have sufficient numbers on your table, put in a request a day prior to your arrival.

After both the man and I were done with other commitments for the day, we found out neither of us had dinner yet. Since I was in the Bukit Timah area and am the one without a car, the man drove up for an impromptu 9pm dinner at Blu Kouzina. The food definitely hit a sweet sweet spot. I've always liked the blue and white decor of the restaurant. A soothing combination. Add the cool evening rains, it was the perfect weather to sit on the ground floor with just fans, and no air-conditioning.


notabilia said...

I LOVE this place. It's one of our go-tos.

imp said...

notabilia: great place to hang out, good food for sure.

notabilia said...

Do they do lunch? We should do that one afternoon!

imp said...

notabilia: they do, but only on Fri and Sat. Which might just be the busiest days of your week. A foursome with boys is do-able! But Nov is tight for us. (my partner actually) Dec is good. Or we could go on a Friday!