Friday, December 16, 2011

Beef Brisket Noodles (牛腩面)

Aside from the hunt for beef pho in certain cities, the man is also eager to get on the trail of beef brisket (and beef whatever and all) noodles (牛腩面) in Hong Kong and London. The man's thrilled with the wide selection available in Hong Kong. We don't have a list to check off and simply pop into one whenever convenient. It doesn't even have to be say for lunch or dinner, or breakfast. It has been done between meals as a snack. Heh. I guess all the walking has made the humans really hungry.

We've gone into the various eateries at the different areas of Kowloon for him to try each stall's special versions and flavors. He's particularly pleased with the innards and all. While the cuts of beef differ in quality, I suppose the gems are found in the soup, gravy and whatnots. He doesn't have a particular favorite stall and none of us bothered to remember which specific stall to return. The fun's in checking new ones out. There hasn't been one that serves up a shitty dish. The stalls can generally really cook a mean version of beef brisket noodles. The man and the friends are definitely happy campers.


sinlady said...

i guess "not shitty" is praise enough haha

imp said...

sinlady: heh. you can read between the lines!