Saturday, December 17, 2011

These Boots Are Meant For Walking

This year, I oddly didn't know what to pack for leisure trips. It's like, I've been so conditioned on the 'uniforms' (typically black dresses with a colored belt, and suits. Black denims and never blue) required for work trips that I forgot how to pack for leisure jaunts. Packing for a destination in a city or tiny town is an absolute breeze for me, and I can still do it under 20 minutes.

On this trip, I packed a ton of black staples. My wardrobe is mostly filled with that! Yes. I like black very much. It works very well in Hong Kong because I've got a bloody bright fuschia poofy down jacket from Adidas Originals given by the bff for a laugh. I've no friggin idea how to wear it besides with monotones and solids to avoid looking like a ditzy fashion victim or total boondocks bumpkin.

I've this odd love for boots, Mary Janes and quirky heels from Doc Martens. I've showed great restraint in buying their boots because I haven't had many chances to wear them in Singapore. It's just too humid for high-cuts. These boots work for me in all other seasons except summer in the tropics.

I've got ahemmm...a few pairs of high-cut boots. Weight concerns, so one pair is enough for any trip. So the only decision I had to make was which color to bring along. Once selected, the trusty boots went everywhere and stood up to the test of endurance and comfort, especially through 6 hours of standing at gigs, and hours of walking to everywhere in Oz and Hong Kong. Those air soles, my gawwd, are totally da bomb. Woot. Of course the colors were totally complementary with my (black, grey or blue) clothes.


b.muse said...

Love the pic, and the pose! Heh, those boots certainly served you well. :)

AND..Why no pic of you in that poofy bright fuschia Adidas down jacket!!! Heeheeheee. Show, show!!

imp said...

b.muse: Eiiii. don't want. you can imagine!

jazzgal said...

you look like you're dressed for dead winter. aiyoh. it's just 15 degrees! how thick is that dress?

imp said...

jazzgal: it's wool lah. at least when dressed like this, I don't need to zip the poofy jacket! or even just a thin windbreaker will suffice.