Monday, December 19, 2011

Bye Hong Kong!

Again, I didn't get to get out to the islands. But it's nice to have gone walking. I've seen the blue of the sea a number of times, be it from a hill or at along the waterfront promenade. We didn't check out the exciting private kitchens because those slots were allocated to cosy dinners at home with the friends. Next visit, perhaps. If these kitchens aren't too anal about accommodating our dietary preferences.

I love 18 Grams which serves up brews that hit a spot. But I wasn't able wander in daily. So we had to make do with commercial chains. While I'm not deprived of caffeine, I'm a little desperate for a good brew.The aroma of home began inflight. (Although Singapore isn't a city known for great coffee, but we'll get there.) It's been fun, Hong Kong. I enjoy peeling away the layers and discovering new things about you. Always good to see the various facets of the city through the friends' eyes.

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