Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nasi Lemak Power!

I don't function very well without spicy sambal. For the past few weeks, I haven't had a touch of sambal-anything. Once home, a slight twang of missing the spices ballooned into an insane craving that required instant satiation either through a meal of nasi padang or nasi lemak.

It was too late for nasi padang. So it had to be nasi lemak at either ends of the island. I nearly killed the friend who dared to suggest having it in a hotel. NO! That would so suck. It's gotta be something less atas from a non-airconditioned stall with real cooks. The friends mentioned their favorite supper haunt during university and National Service. I remember, vaguely, having that once or twice a decade ago. So a couple of us trundled all the way to Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak.

We arrived slightly before midnight. The queue was short- there were only 8 people in front of us. The friends eagerly ordered paru belado which apparently went great with the rice. All I wanted, were ikan bilis, a fried egg, begedil and tons of sambal. Got it. Man, it was awesome. I was so happy to fill the tummy. After that, the man simply nodded off to sleep. Lazy bugger. I went for a dip in the freezing pool (in half darkness) to work off some calories before hitting the sack in the wee hours.


sinlady said...

welcome back!!

ice said...

I like the sambal here! The otah is good as well!

bookjunkie said...

now that looks wonderful....got me craving for nasi lemak :)

imp said...

sinlady: :)

ice: the friends like the otah too.

bookjunkie: it's awesome. have you tried it? go!