Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Halloumi At Home

It's really delightful to sit down sit down with the friends for a good chat. Even though we kinda ran away from them to avoid imposing on their space after work hours, they still insisted and took the trouble to host us for meals, be it at their homes or at the restaurants.

I protested loudly when there was to be a dinner at China House Seafood Restaurant. Really? A$19 for a white bait omelette at such an unappetizing, greasy chak-chak eatery in an area (although it's in the Valley) that's kinda gross? Anyway, I lost that vote, and it came to pass that the Oz friends (old and new) seem to be able to use chopsticks (in the proper way) with absolute ease.

At S & G's beautiful new home for lunch, they put out the grill for a sackful of Moreton Bay bugs, giant prawns, squid, lamb and beef, peppers. Hummus, pita bread, guacamole, nachos and fruit salad were served as sides. We told them to skip the wine and we brought beer. The bottle shops in Australia are so fun. The craft beers are awesome. This trip, we picked out lots of James Squire's beers. Their 'The Chancer Golden Ale' goes down so easy. The stout noir is rich, malty and sweet. Cold beer goes beautifully with barbecues.

Then, next to the well-thought-out platter of cheese on the long patio table, I was most tickled to see grilled halloumi. I hollered, "Didn't you say that cooked halloumi isn't real cheese?" G was a little further out at the yard and yelled right back, "Whatever! You said you like it!" Ahhh...friends. I love them.


Anonymous said...

i feel the lurvvve here, lol.
great friends indeed. cheers!

imp said...

tuti: :)