Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Flame Trees

We've plenty of things to do, but there's always time for a coffee and to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. We've been taking long walks to everywhere and anywhere. It's not quite possible to get lost when our phones are 3G-enabled with the GPS maps functioning brilliantly.

We walked through the residential areas and public parks in Perth, noticing the cool Jacarandas in full bloom. The washes of purple could be mistaken for blue in the distance. On an evening stroll to dinner, our friends pointed out that the Jacarandas are their favorite trees. We stood for a while to admire them.

In Brisbane, Jacarandas are aplenty. But that striking crimson of the still flowering Illawarra flame (I assume it's that) trees dotted the city mostly. They're everywhere. Early summer. Quite a sight. Many of my photos of the quiet streets contain their lovely crown.

Remember Cold Chisel? (They're still around!!!) They did 'Flame Trees' in 1984. A classic rock piece. Do ignore that it's about an ex-lover, and I'm looking at it more with a view of how these are familiar hometown sights to the band, evoking nostalgia no matter at which phase of your life.

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