Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Gunshop Cafe

I'm completely disinterested in gourmet dining or progressive cuisine in Perth and Brisbane. So no The Loose Box, no Balthazar, no Star Anise, no Restaurant Amuse, no Aria, no Urbane, no Alchemy, no Malt. But that doesn't mean I'll settle for bad food. I did say yes to Friends and Organic Char!, and a couple of others. I'm specifically looking for indie cafes and casual-chic eateries which pack a punch.

In Brisbane, I've popped into The Gunshop Cafe thrice because they do such fun food with a lovely range for choices for all dietary preferences. Located at the trendy West End where plenty of good coffeeshops abound, I see very little reason to travel further for dependable food, unless the friends want to take a drive.

I smirked when I saw halloumi on the menu. Practically every modern Australian cafe serves that now. It's the tastiest and the easiest thing to do. Not all halloumi is equal, so I like the less salty versions grilled in the simplest way with the best grade of either avocado or olive oil. It's most delicious when done so.

Excellent service! *happy sigh* This is the one thing I miss in Singapore. Good friendly servers who know their stuff are so hard to come by. There isn't a tipping culture here, but our experiences at The Gunshop Cafe have left us with a more than generous inclination to leave a tip by way of appreciation. The servers noticed our enthusiasm and to the delight of the man and friends, we've gotten complimentary desserts on the second and third visits. :)

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