Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Late For The Silly Season

Sorry folks, your presents and cards are going to be really late this Silly Season. (Especially for those not living in Singapore) I haven't done any sort of shopping or written any cards. I've also royally neglected to send out birthday cards for party people this month. Though wishes have been sent through text messages and emails.

If I'm actually on time (i.e. on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and not within the Twelve Days of Christmas), you can be sure it's either you mean helluva lot to me, or it's because I'm forced by circumstances to get you a random no-choice-must-present gift or mall voucher that I don't really give a shit if you like it. And this would be because I've told you to stop buying me useless gifts, and instead, get me something handmade by independent crafters, or a damn gift voucher to Kiva or World Vision or something similar, and you haven't listened.


jazzgal said...

I hear ya.

Anonymous said...

hahahaa. :P