Friday, December 09, 2011

Queensland Ballet And Theatre

The man and I have rather separate interests as well. Luckily for us, we've friends in Brisbane who're just like that. And we're the type who could walk into a bar on our own to watch gigs, or stroll into the concert hall for an evening of opera or dance. The man has always leaned towards watching stage performances rather than dances. Hurhurhur. We're both not into musicals, so 'Rock of Ages' is a big no-no, especially when it contains greatest rock hits of the 80s.

Swan Lake

Since I was curious about Queensland Ballet and they were performing the quintessential 'Swan Lake', I might as well watch. Choreographer François Klaus has given it a new twist in the narrative by using Mathilde Kschessinska and her doomed love affair with Tsar Nicholas II to parallel Swan Queen, Odette and Prince Siegfried. (Background by The Courier-Mail here.) I wasn't impressed. I like the interpretation and artistic treatment more than I like the dancing.


I was lured to Marcel Dorney's 'Fractions' staged by the Queensland Theatre Company. (Read reviews in The Brisbane Times and News Brisbane.) It got me at Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria, and her male nemesis Kyril. Beautiful costumes. How could one not like those flowing dresses and luxuriant hairdos? I chose not to interpret this in anyway to the idea of the male versus the female. I soaked up the portrayal of the utopian pursuit of knowledge at the expense of everything. I couldn't avoid reflecting on the notion of the lack of Christianity versus atheism versus scientific ideals. It's a rather lengthy play and feels kinda draggy. Many scenes could have been shortened and the portrayal of Hypatia could have further explored and reflected upon by both director and actress.

Waterwheel & Taking Flight

Had a lovely conversation with the friends who're members of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. So glad to be able to catch Suzon Fuks' 'Waterwheel'. An interactive installation, An exploration of water issues, you'll either go WTF, or hmmm. Even better, I was quite impressed by 'Taking Flight', which is a showcase of modern dance by graduating students from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts. These dancers are very good.


A pity the season's over for La Boite Theatre Company. I'd have loved to see their works. It was very fun to randomly mosey along to Roma Street Parkland Ampitheatre to catch a bit of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' as part of the University of Southern Queensland's festival 'Shakespeare in the Park'. Quite a hoot. The weather totally cooperated for the evening. I've really enjoyed Brisbane.

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