Friday, December 09, 2011

Desserts For The Man

I don't bake nor exhibit an interest in sweets and sugary desserts. Chocolates are fine, but even so, I prefer the dark bitter ones. The man is a fabulous cook, but can't bake to save his life, and loves his sweets. The poor dude doesn't get to have much dessert when we dine out. He'll always want to share because he thinks eating a plate all by himself is too sinful, and I'll never want to eat more than a bite of it, unless it's an apple-pie/crumble/tart or it's made with minimal sugar or zilch.

The man is most thrilled when we eat out in groups. It means that he could possibly get to order a dessert to share, or even two or three. Same here when we dine out in Perth and Brisbane. Brownies, sticky date puddings and all those sticky sugared creations have been ordered, shared and put away by the man and the friends. He managed to find a good bakery that does a mean peanut-butter chocolate eclair and tapau-ed 2 pieces back to the room to have it for breakfast. Ughhh. He is most pleased.


=^..^= said...

How do you resist desserts? I have a ginormous sweet tooth so desserts are my undoing. *stares sadly at bulging belly* I adore eclairs and that peanut-butter chocolate one sounds totally delish!

5-Cat Style

imp said...

5-Cat Style: never had a liking for them since I was a kid! don't like the sweet sugary taste.