Thursday, December 08, 2011

Stocking Up DVDs!

The man knows that if I want to go shopping for girlie items, I'll say it, and we'll make arrangements for that. But I'm not keen on it at all when there're other exciting things to do with my time. There's nothing I want from the stores. The few items I want are from Purely Merino at the airport. Those can be sorted out later in a matter of 15 minutes. So I don't mind tagging along with the man to browse through guitar stuff and music gear. 

We were rushing about in Perth and didn't hop into the music shops. In Brisbane, we made sure to allocate time to pop into a couple of shops to check out their wares and peer hard at the upcoming gig posters pasted all around. Cool art in there. Apparently the stuff at the shops didn't excite the man enough to make major purchases. Ah well. At another big chain, I also took a walk at the big orchestral section and found a couple of fun scores.

A must-stop is JB Hi-Fi to stock up on dvds, cds and whatnots. While we buy music off iTunes and rdio, we still like the music hard copies once in a bit. Singapore record stores sell them at ridiculous prices. While we don't mind paying for originals, I refuse to pay the prices our stores demand for blu-ray films and import cds, and vinyls. Especially vinyls. So Amazon and trips to these overseas stores come in real handy. My box set of Bones S1-S6 has been scored at a great price!

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