Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cup & Bunker

'Cup' at West End

We didn't bother to opt for breakfast at the hotel. There're tons of cafes around for good chow. I love them eggs. Like I said, not all eggs are equal. I've been quaffing eggs sunny-side up on a daily basis.

In trendy West End, Cup is fairly spacious, does breakfast food and it's pretty packed on a daily basis. At Cup, their seasonal blend is sweet, but I prefer the oomph-packed single origins to try. They're roasters and also sell their coffee to many other bars. Famed Blackboard uses their beans too.

Food at Cup's quite tasty. Eggs galore. But no freshly squeezed juice. Simply bottled without preservatives. It's been my default breakfast venue so far. The good coffee is the fantastic bonus. :)

I give you my favorite coffee joint in Brisbane city- Bunker. Literally a hole in the wall with no tables and only a couple of stools, this local joint in Milton is hugely popular. We like sitting around for a bit, spilling out into the sidewalk or driving by to grab a to-go before running off. Mostly, we like to hang out and chill. In the middle of a quiet suburb, this is by far, to me, emanating cool vibes without being branded as trying-too-hard.

'Bunker' at Milton.


Hersheys said...

I miss hanging out at Milton...

imp said...

it's such a sweet area!