Friday, November 16, 2012

Seeking Out Spices

The bit of weight loss from Taipei isn't unusual. Walked loads, carried heavy bags, ate little, slept lots, and honestly felt good overall. Hahahah. Was half hoping that the weight loss could be sustained, but it does give me leeway to indulge in carbs when I got home. Yeah, I could have gone to a supermarket in Taiwan to find a stick of chilli to chew on to stave off cravings. But that's not the point.

There's something about the lethal combination of carbs and spices that make a dish totally irresistible to me. Nasi padang, bee hoon goreng and biryani. Nasi lemak too, with its sweet chilli. Comfort food that I crave for each time after a trip to a city lacking in these spices. In fact, I checked in online super early for my flight home, eagerly scrolling down the food menu, hoping for a choice of laksa, mee siam or nasi lemak to have for dinner on the way into Singapore. But nope, nothing available. :(

Ahhh...spices. I always miss spicy food most if the destinations don't offer that over the course of a trip. I get significantly grouchier as the days go by. It's the sort of spices that our local flavors excel in presenting onto a dinner table. (Not the Sichuan mala sort of spice that numbs the tongue and leaves this bitter-sour aftertaste. Violently hate that. And not the kim chi sort of spicy either.)

Very nice to sink my teeth into familiar dishes and feel their fiery fumes.

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