Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ben Gibbard At Union Chapel

When I saw Union Chapel from a distance, I breathed a sigh of wonder. What a beautiful venue! It's a working church! Such an apt atmospheric setting for a solo acoustic gig. Tonight. Ben Gibbard. So very glad that he made a stop in London. When Deathcab for Cutie played in Singapore earlier this year, the man and I were not in town, and missed them. Thrilled to be able to catch a smaller and cosier performance by Ben Gibbard on the acoustic. (Each ticket cost £21! With booking fee, the total came up to £24. Only. Haizzz. I'm too used to the exorbitant prices of such gigs in Singapore.)

The church was cold though. Brrrrr... The heaters, turned on, didn't seem to work. I pulled on the coat for the entire duration of the show. Grinned a little at the 'No Alcohol' rule for the chapel. There was a bar outside though. Never mind, we had enough ale, and could sit through a gig without more. Refreshing to be sober through a gig! Similar to how a gig at home at the Esplanade would be. Heh. Aaron Espinoza of Los Angeles band Earlimart opened the evening on the acoustic (too). At 9pm, Ben Gibbard strolled onto the stage. The show began with 'Such Great Heights'. How apt. Ben Gibbard wrote this single when he was part of The Postal Service. Moved on to 'Dream Song' from his new LP titled Former Lives. 'Teardrop Windows' was at once jaunty, and a tad blue.

Quietly I sat, lost in the magic of the music, and the crowds faded away. We sat at the side pews, in a perfect unblocked position, till he went behind the piano. He switched to the piano for 'Passenger Seat', and played a couple of familiar favorites before returning to the guitar. He didn't play anything from Deathcab for Cutie's Codes and Keys. Hurhurhur. Of course there was 'Title and Registration'. His voice soared high into the rafters of the church. By the time he sang the last song 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark', I was already tearing. Very rare for me to do that. I've forgotten how good he is on the acoustic. That voice. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous evening.


Anonymous said...

i tuck this message here. you can delete it later. ;)
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imp said...

hey misti! yes! got the email. :)