Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Dinner

There was robust discussion on whether I should hang around London or attempt to fly up north to visit friends. I decided to stay. (And those friends have been shooting dagger 'looks' at me online) However, the Aunts suddenly decided they want to visit Singapore to check out all that our sunny city has to offer and hang out at the beaches in other islands. OH OKAY.

One final dinner in London before we flew to Singapore. Christmas dinner it would be, without the traditional goose as a main. The Aunts had given up on rearing one for the Christmas table. They tried, and decided that it really wasn't tasty because all they could remember was how happy the goose had been. The next two they reared, are now pets. Hahaha. Christmas dinner featured roast beef and lobsters. Fish too, for those who preferred it.

As the Aunts prepped for dinner, I helped to pack our suitcases. They heard me pottering about upstairs, and yelled. "Hey! You! Flat dweller! Bring down the suitcases and pack them in the library! How are you going to get them down the stairs at 30kg a bag?" OH. Yah hor. *cue sheepish grin By the time I was done packing 5 bags, it was almost dinner-time. Ought to sort out the drinks trolley and decant whatever wines that needed to breathe, and quickly set the table for the Aunts' approval.

There were other guests at dinner to make a beautiful table of 12. They streamed in punctually at 6.30pm. Some, I met for the first time. But conversation flowed, intense at times, and drifted over many common topics. Ate lots, drank loads. In short, I had no useful contribution whatsoever to this sumptuous Christmas dinner. Aunts cooked, arranged everything and spoilt me silly.


sinlady said...

sounds like a perfect xmas for all:)
safe flight back xoxox

imp said...

sinlady: xxxooo