Monday, January 28, 2013

Ickle & Lardee!

Another of the Christmas gifts! Friends have a great sense of humor. I follow My Milk Toof online since 2010, a year after she began the blog. Never gave much thought to its hard copy tha's first published in 2011. I did flip through it while haunting an Eslite bookstore in Taipei, but didn't buy it. Forgot all about it till it appeared in the merry Christmas pile. The cutest book ever. Inhae Lee's 'My Milk Toof- The Adventures of Ickle and Lardee'.

Two baby teeth personified as Ickle and Lardee travel the world and life, their tales told through Inhae Lee's artistic placement of props, photography and captions. Her art direction is witty, effective and so so gorgeous. Nimble fingers and awesome creativity. The baby teeth are so damn cute that I want them replicas. But the artist is very clever. Only prints are sold, not the actual Ickle and Lardee used in the photos.

'One Mellow Afternoon' is just so sweet. Many photos of Ickle reading a book on the cushion. The subject and the foreground don't change. Keep an eye on the background where Lardee is pottering about, wondering how to get Ickle to drop the book to play. Such a simple and powerful idea of spending the afternoon free of distractions, although some might argue that forgoing companionship for reading a book is kinda anti-social. But hey, whatever rocks my boat. On the condition that the companion understands the need for alone-time.

Favorite set is 'Boot Camp'. Poor Lardee ate lots and got told off by Ickle. Ickle determinedly sketched out an exercise plan. "We need to get you in shape." The next few photos are hilarious, of Ickle holding a loud-hailer yelling at poor Lardee to "Run!""Climb!", "Lift!", "Twirl!", "Flex!" and "And PULLLLL!!" It isn't so much a reminder of my pilates instructor. More of reminding me of the friends who would do this to me all the time. Not just literally in terms of 5km runs or the bff nagging about taking better care of my complexion, but friends who always cheer me on in all causes and matters, and be there for me if I fall.


bmuse said...

I love Milk Toof! Super cute! :)

imp said...

bmuse: superly so!

FML said...

too cute! :)

thought she is working on prototype for ickle and Lardee vinyl toy?

imp said...

FML: been stalking her online shop, but there haven't been anything except plush pins. i'll wait!