Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The vicinity around Dong Men (東門) Metro station is definitely worth exploring, to check out the offerings of food and little boutiques. There're many trendy teahouses located there too. While not all serve up a good brew of tea, the decor is rather impressive. The Yong Kang Street area is where we headed to for a browse at Lin's Ceramics Studio (陶作坊). Yes, we emerged with an embarrassing number of bags containing precious items. :)

At some point, dinner was required. We tend to hop into the little eateries and not bother about too touristy joints. Happy to walk into Fucheng Tainan Seafood Cafe (府城台南美食) to find many locals seated slurping up their orders. The cafe is known for seafood from the country's south. Its specialty is a savory glutinous rice dumpling that sits in sweet and sour sauce, filled with shrimp, pork and topped with cilantro and wasabi.

Words couldn't describe my joy at seeing fishballs and sliced fish on the menu, in the form of soup, noodles or otherwise. The cafe uses marlin, or a sailfish of sorts to make the fishballs. That homemade slightly chewy feel. Loved it. Of course there's pork on the menu. Forgot if chicken exists. I generally ignore chicken. There's some minced pork thingy on rice topped with a cute yellow pickle. Plenty of varied food to choose from. Food is good. Perfect makan spot for the girlfriend and I.

Fucheng Tainan Seafood Cafe (府城台南美食)
8 Yong Kang Street, Da'an District, Taipei City 
(nearest Metro station- Dongmen.)

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